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commercial hvac repair in Owensboro, KY

HVAC Installation

Trust our 17 years of experience with commercial HVAC installation.

commercial hvac installation in Owensboro, KY

You Can Rely on Our HVAC Company in Owensboro, KY

A well-maintained HVAC system will keep your building comfortable

When your building is too hot or cold, it makes a difference in your employees' performance. Extreme temperatures can impact employee health and productivity, as well as the reputation of your business. Protect your investment by choosing a reputable HVAC company in Owensboro, KY. Lonnie Nave's Service Co, Inc has extensive experience in commercial HVAC installation and repair.

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Maintain your unit by investing in commercial HVAC repair

Commercial HVAC units have hefty jobs. Heating and cooling large buildings for an extended period of time can take a toll on their ability to function. When complications arise, you need a trusted HVAC company to handle your repair. Lonnie Nave's Service Co can provide quality service for your business. Our family-owned HVAC company takes pride in delivering professional services in Owensboro, KY.

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We focus on commercial HVAC services in Owensboro, KY

Commercial and residential HVAC units work to regulate temperature in given buildings. While they both have an identical purpose, the two units have very different characteristics. Commercial HVAC systems are typically:

  • Larger and more complex
  • Placed on the roof or swamp coolers
  • Customized for the individual building

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